Halfway There

The 30/30 Project, 30 poems in 30 days, is halfway over already. I’ve been thrilled, stunned, encouraged, puzzled, stymied, and ultimately inspired so far this month. This project propels poets into perpetual motion: when we’re not jotting notes or phrases or dream images, we’re dashing about our daily lives to hurry back to the page, the screen, the task. I can give you many reasons to give to this indie press fundraiser (see below), the best of which is that it’s a win-win-win: it helps Tupelo Press sustain its award-winning publication of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction; it helps poets by giving us a readership and (temporary) publication; it helps donors by offering tax deductions for your charitable contributions (the exception is if you subscribe to the year’s worth of poetry books). If you haven’t given and would like to, please go to http://tupelopress.wordpress.com/3030-project/ and click on “Donate” and “Honor”; in the latter spot, name “Kathleen McCoy” to help me get to my goal of $400. I’m less than halfway there, and time is running out.

While you’re there, check out the poems. Our voices are distinct; our subjects vary; our styles stand out. You’ll read about memory, love, pain, mourning, joy, anger, war, teaching, indecision, nature, urban life, parenting, dogs, research, travel, mummies, zombies, exercises in imagery and language usage, and many more subjects.

Then take the 30/30 as inspiration for yourself. Commit to creating whatever it is you create–poems, stories, souffles, parties, research, songs, gardens, experiences. Commit for a day, a week, a month. The rewards you’ll reap are rich as the berries the birds haven’t yet plucked.

Author: Kathleen McCoy

I'm a poet, a professor, a mother, a wife, a bit of an activist, a lover of the word at https://kathleenmccoy.wordpress.com. Poetry books include Ringing the Changes (Finishing Line Press, 2019), Green and Burning, Glas Agus a Dho (Word Tech, 2016) and More Water Than Words (chapbook, Finishing Line Press, 2017). Books are available from the publishers or Amazon, or order from your local bookseller.

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